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In most cases, vacations are two-way flights. However, it is not unusual for travelers to book a single flight because they do not know when they will return home. When you book your flight, you should take advantage of savings options such as sign-up bonuses, free travel miles and other free gifts. If you do this, you reduce your overall travel costs.
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There are also several websites that help travelers find cheap rates. The use of these sites will certainly play to your advantage. However, it is recommended to book at least two months in advance to ensure that you receive the best possible deals.
The temperatures change enormously on the altiplano. In the north of Tibet people wear thick coats all year round (including July and August, the hottest

months in most areas in China). The highest temperature is 4-5 degrees Celsius in the north of Tibet. It also snows in July and August.
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The temperature difference in a single day is great. In Lhasa the temperature in July is 30 degrees Celsius during the day, but falls to 10 degrees Celsius

at night. Sometimes it snows or snowy at night, so bring some down clothing (those with hats become better), wool sweaters, warm gloves, warm and windproof

shoes and socks. It is wise to wear different clothing layers that can easily be added or removed, because temperatures can vary greatly within one day.
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Most hotels in Tibet do not have central heating. The air conditioners in single rooms do not work well in the cold night. In winter, from November to March,

you must of course take down coats, warm sweaters, gloves, warm trousers and wool hats. It is very cold in the morning and evening. In the summer you wear a

T-shirt during the day, but the jacket is needed in the morning and in the evening.
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During the busy tourist season, April, May, September and October, prepare T-shirts, overcoats and jeans, warm sweaters. By the way, frequent rainfall in

this season makes waterproof clothing and rainwear absolutely essential.

Even in the summer, a down jacket is needed for those traveling outside Lhasa and Shigatse to more remote areas such as the Everest camp. A wind jacket and a

sweater will work nicely for a walk through Lhasa in the summer.

Other supplies to pack are four or five pairs of cotton or wool underwear, four or five pairs of wool socks, long cotton or lightweight wool shirts and T-

shirts. Women should avoid skirts or dresses.
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Even if you visit Tibet, if you are planning a day in Everest Base Camp or Namtso Lake, or a few days out walking in the mountain area, keeping warm is very

important. Winter clothes are a must. However, you do not have to worry too much about clothing, you can buy any type of clothing you need in Lhasa and

clothing is pretty cheap.


It is very important to have a sturdy, comfortable pair of boots, especially your travel cover in remote areas and you have to walk for a long distance. For

example, if you reach the Everest base camp, you have to cross 8 km from the Rongpuk monastery to EBC and back. Light boots are fine, but Tibet can be wet

and we will walk extensively, so make sure your shoes fit well and are suitable for cold and puddles. You should also have a pair of comfortable and sturdy

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